SOS, DNR and MDOT services impacted by social distancing efforts

Mar 25, 2020

State of Michigan Secretary of State
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There are a number of state functions impacted by the implementation of safety measures designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

All 131 Michigan Secretary of State branch offices are closed. For the time being, the Secretary of State is unable to provide in-person transactions and renewals by mail. Services are available online at, but processing may be delayed.

Michigan’s Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, is also preparing for the May 5th election by directing her office to mail absent voter applications to all residents. In a news release, “the Bureau of Elections will mail absent voter ballot applications to all voters with postage-paid return envelopes unless those voters have already requested an absent voter ballot. The state will include a cover letter that voting by mail is the optimal way to cast a ballot due to the public health crisis.”

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says state parks will remain open. However, campgrounds, overnight lodging facilities and shelters are now closed until, at least, April 13th.

The Michigan Department of Transportation is cancelling the spring Adopt-A-Highway pickups previously scheduled for April and May resuming in July. More information can be found at

Often, bottles and cans collect along roadsides. In an effort to further contain the spread of the coronavirus, the Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association, Midwest Independent Retailers Association and Michigan Retailers Association issues a statement that they will “cease accepting and collecting empty beverage containers during the continuing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.”

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