Snyder signs omnibus elections bill, but asks for cleanup

Jan 6, 2016

Governor Rick Snyder has signed a controversial elections bill, but has called for a fix to clear up some confusion in the new law.

The new law puts limits on local officials’ ability to campaign for millages and other local ballot questions in the two months before an election. Local officials say it’s basically an effort to silence them.

Rebecca Bahar Cook is an Ingham County Commissioner.

“I am gagged. I can no longer talk about this stuff 60 days out. I’m the one who has the   information. I’m the one who put it on the ballot. I know why it’s important. Let me tell       people.”

She says it’s an effort to by anti-tax conservatives to shift the balance in local elections so voters are more likely to reject millage requests.

Governor Snyder says that’s not the intent of the law. He called on the Legislature to quickly adopt a new bill to make that clear.

For the Michigan Public Radio Network, I’m Rick Pluta at the state Capitol