Snyder backs out of Harvard fellowship

Jul 3, 2019

Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder
Credit mlive

Former Governor Rick Snyder has decided to back out of a Harvard University research and teaching fellowship. Snyder says his presence on campus would have been too disruptive.

The former governor said in a tweet that he was looking forward to sharing the positive and negative aspects on his time in office. But he added, and this is a quote: “the current political environment and its lack of civility makes this too disruptive.”

       The appointment as a Harvard fellow raised a storm of protest over Snyder’s handling of the Flint water crisis after placing the city under emergency management.

       The university also released a statement saying Snyder’s perspectives in his successes and failures would have been useful for students to hear, but the arrangement was not working out as intended. The university also wished Snyder well.