Snow Day forgiveness bills pass out of committee despite concerns about hourly workers

Mar 12, 2019

       A bill in the state Legislature would save schools from having to make up some snow days. The bill passed out of a state House committee today.

This past winter saw days so cold that Governor Gretchen Whitmer declared a state of emergency. In some districts, kids missed so many days that they’re supposed to make some up.

       A new bill would exempt snow days due to a state of emergency from the required minimum number of instruction days.

       Republican Representative Ben Frederick is a bill sponsor. He says this year was unusual BUT –

“Let’s have it in statute so that if we do have something happen mid-year as we did this time we’re not scrambling as schools are scrambling right now.”

       The bills now go to the Ways and Means committee before they can head to the House for a full floor vote.