SNN: Bodies Revealed comes to Grand Rapids Public Museum School

Sep 23, 2019

Bodies Revealed, Grand Rapids Public Museum School
Credit School News Network

After nearly a decade, Bodies Revealed is coming back to the Grand Rapids Public Museum. School News Network caught up with a group of sixth graders who recently got a preview of what can be seen.

When an 11-year old got her hands on a human brain, she had a lot to say about it. Things like, “It’s cool, but it’s kind of gross” and “It’s smaller than I thought”. Another classmate lifted a liver, which was pretty heavy and not very healthy. Both are artifacts from the upcoming Bodies Revealed exhibition which returns to the Grand Rapids Public Museum this fall.

For students in Sara Dailey’s Grand Rapids Public Museum School class, seeing human body parts up close got them curious. Lots of hands shot up when the exhibit representative asked for a volunteer to handle the heart. The exhibit features actual body specimens with skin pulled back, allowing visitors to see what human organs and systems look like on the inside.

The idea is to get a close look at the skeleton, muscles and lungs, to better understand how we move and breath…and to see damage that can be caused by lack of exercise, smoking and overeating.

Taking a tiny collarbone in her hand, Kent ISD Science Consultant Wendi Vogel said, “Everyone can learn something from this…how we’re alike and how we function.” The exhibition opens November 16 and tickets for it are on sale now. I’m Joy Walczak, for School News Network.