Shirkey balks at Benson’s call for increased financial disclosure

Apr 18, 2019

Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey

The leader of the state Senate says – quote – “absolutely not” to a proposal from the Michigan Secretary of State.

       Senator Mike Shirkey  is a firm no when it comes to increasing financial disclosure requirements for lawmakers.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says elected officials should be required to disclose any outside income, investments, travel or gifts they got as candidates or after they were elected.

But Senator Shirkey – the man with the final say on what gets a vote from the state Senate – is not on board. He says there are already a lot of disincentives for people to run for office – like term limits.


“To put yet another obstacle up prohibiting somebody that may be a great candidate just because somebody wants to see their financials, I don’t think is necessary.”

Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield isn’t so certain. His spokesman says Chatfield would consider a proposal.