Several thousand cars flooded the Michigan Capitol to protest Governor Whitmers order

Apr 16, 2020

Credit Michigan Senate /

  Cars surrounded the Michigan capitol grounds for blocks as far as the eye could see Wednesday, with drivers laying on their horns. At least two-hundred people left their cars and clustered at the front of the capitol, not observing social distancing or wearing masks.

Shelly Vanderwerff, was recently laid from the greenhouse where she worked in Zeeland Michigan. She says she’s not upset that the Governor took action to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“It’s not that. It’s the extremity that Governor Whitmer has gone to. I’m hoping that this will open her eyes and it will be heard that small businesses have got to be opened up after April 30th to an extent that is safe.” 

Protesters urged Whitmer to re-open parts of Michigan without high rates of infection.