School News Network: Summer STEAM

Jul 30, 2019

Summer STEAM
Credit School News Network

As summer heats up, parents are looking for simple ideas to keep children entertained and engaged indoors and out. School News Network turned to an area technology and media expert for some educational options.

During the school year, Sarah Wood is the technology and media integration specialist for Godfrey-Lee Public Schools. In the summer, she’s a mom who doesn’t want her kids to say, “I’m bored”. Sarah put together a Summer STEAM Calendar for her education blog, My Ed Tech World. On the calendar are dozens of free and low-cost activities students can do every day until school starts again in August or September. Suggestions include things like creating a mini-golf course in the backyard, making a bug catcher, and designing a car wash for bicycles.

The activities are designed to help students create, communicate, and build confidence in themselves and their work. Most encourage outdoor time and de-emphasize the “T” in STEAM – which stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Bonus for parents, sitters, and those caring for students this summer: none of the activities involve slime.

Joy Walczak reporting for School News Network.