Rural lawmakers concerned about Whitmer’s roads funding distribution proposal

Mar 6, 2019

Michigan Republican Representative Triston Cole

Some lawmakers in rural Michigan say their residents would get shortchanged under a new road funding plan by Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Governor Whitmer wants to raise the state’s fuel tax by 45 cents per gallon. The increase would be phased in over time. She wants that money to be distributed based on a new formula that’s focused on how much the roads are used. Whitmer says this is a fair way to fix the roads.

       When Republican Representative Triston Cole was asked if he had any thoughts on the proposa

       “I got one. No.”

       Cole says he’s open to digging into the minutia of Whitmer’s proposal – but he doesn’t want rural areas, like his in northern Michigan, to get shortchanged. Cole says rural areas also face challenges with their road conditions and deserve to have a fair share of funding.