Republican Legislature makes moves toward undoing Whitmer’s DEQ order

Feb 6, 2019

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s executive order to restructure the Department of Environmental Quality could be overturned before any changes are made.

Some Republicans don’t like that Whitmer’s executive order gets rid of several environmental rule making panels that were put in place by state law last year.

   The Senate decided to hold off for now on any measures to block the order.

   Amber McCann is a spokeswoman for Senate Republican Majority Leader Mike Shirkey. She says overturning the order is not his first choice and he wants to continue discussions with Whitmer.

“The majority leader, I think has made clear with all things that process is important to him, that an open line of communication is important.”

   But over in the House, Republican lawmakers are moving forward. They passed a concurrent resolution along party lines.

   The Legislature has 60 days to pass a measure to block the order.