Republican leaders skeptical Whitmer’s ability to pay for goals in State of the State

Feb 13, 2019

Michigan State House Speaker Lee Chatfield

Republican leaders in the state Legislature want to know how Governor Gretchen Whitmer plans to pay for several areas she wants to improve.

During her address, Governor Whitmer said Michigan has a funding crisis for education and she discussed Michigan’s crumbling roads and infrastructure problems. But she didn’t say how the state could pay for improvements.

Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield:

“I think many of the issues were identified of challenges that our state is facing, but I do believe there were still some campaign trail rhetoric in that speech.”

When it comes to roads, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey says finding new revenue is on the table – but he wants to look at other options first.

Whitmer says she will release more details about how she plans to fund her ideas during her budget proposal presentation in March.