Rep. Justin Amash calls for 'more kindness' in 3rd District tour

Aug 21, 2019

Credit Daniel Boothe

Former Republican and United States Representative Justin Amash made a series of stops in West Michigan on Wednesday, where the now, politically Independent Congressman called for unity in Michigan’s 3rd District. 

Amash left the Republican Party on July 4. He had previously come under scrutiny from the GOP and House Freedom Caucus for declaring that after reading the entire Robert Mueller report, President Donald Trump had engaged in impeachable offenses.

Amash said his decision to leave the party shouldn't have an impact on his ability to get reelected in 2020. 

“I’m confident that the majority of the district is independent minded,” Amash said. “I have a good relationship with the district, I am willing to come out here and speak my mind, and I think that is going to make a difference.”

The comment came after holding an informal town hall at New Holland Brewery in downtown Grand Rapids, Amash’s third of the day so far, as the Congressman embarked on a series of meet and greets throughout Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District on Wednesday, and bringing a message with him for both Republicans and Democrats: it’s time to start treating each other with kindness.

“I think that is critically important," Amash said. "I think that people are too mean to each other, they don’t respect each other, and they are dehumanizing each other,” Amash said. “We need to care about each other and have a more community orientated approach to things.”

Meanwhile, Amash downplayed any rumors of running for President of the United States himself.

“No, I’m running for reelection in this district,” Amash said.