Reimbursement promised to landlords if they let people stay in their homes

Jun 29, 2020


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is lifting her ban on evictions she put in place during the coronavirus pandemic in mid-July…but is promising Landlords, if they let people stay in their homes, government assistance will pay the majority of any rent that is owed. 

The initiative will be financed as part of an $880 million spending bill the Democratic governor will soon sign — funding the federal government sent to Michigan to address the COVID-19 crisis. She issued an order extending the eviction freeze — first issued March 20 — through July 15 but then rescinding it from then on.

Starting July 16, if landlords do not evict their tenants for debt incurred during the pandemic emergency, they can receive a lump-sum payment from a local housing assessment and resource agency. Landlords — whom Whitmer “strongly encouraged” to take advantage of the “innovative” remedy rather than pursue eviction or foreclosure — must waive late fees or penalties and forgive a certain amount.

Eligibility for rent assistance will depend on tenants’ income and household size and vary depending on the amount due.

Also Friday, the governor signed an order creating a task force to make recommendations by Aug. 31 on preparing nursing homes for any future wave of COVID-19 cases.