Progress Michigan takes email lawsuit against Schuette to Michigan Supreme Court

Jul 2, 2018

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette

A lawsuit involving the state Attorney General and his emails could go to the Michigan Supreme Court.

   A liberal advocacy group filed an appeal to the Supreme Court to get access to some emails by Schuette and his staff.

Progress Michigan says Schuette and his staff used their private email accounts for state business, effectively hiding their contents.

A spokesperson for the attorney general called the lawsuit “politically motivated.”

Mark Brewer is an attorney for Progress Michigan. He says Schuette shouldn’t be able to conduct state business in secret.


“Why is he doing this is the big question here. Why not operate on the regular government email where everything is transparent, everything is visible?”


   Progress Michigan says they already have multiple examples of Schuette and his staff using private emails. They want the judge to order the Attorney General’s office do a review of all personal emails and turn over any that involve state business.