Procedural move blocks snow day forgiveness bill

Apr 30, 2019

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey

Lawmakers have stalled on a bill to forgive four state declared snow days for schools this year. It’s a delay that could effectively kill the bill.

The original bill was introduced after a particularly brutal winter.

Schools across the state were shut down, in some cases for as many as 15 days. When the temperatures rose, lawmakers decided to try to extend the number of allowable snow days.

The Senate voted to pass the four-snow day forgiveness bill. But then several Democrats refused to give the bill immediate effect, rendering the it useless.

Here’s Republican Leader, Senator Mike Shirkey.

“My partners on the other side of the aisle decided that unions are more important than kids.”

Democrats say they want the bill to work. But they want assurances that hourly employees will be paid for the extra days off. The measure is now in the House – it could make changes and send it back to the Senate to reconsider the issue of immediate effect.