Political group takes aim at Michigan Democrats' agenda

Sep 18, 2019

With Michigan set to have a prominent role in the upcoming presidential election, a new Republican political action committee is aiming to counter attack “liberal activism” across the state. 

The new organization is called Michigan Rising Action, and it’s a non-profit division of the Republican group America Rising Squared, a group that defines itself as “a new generation of Republican research” whose main goal is to dig up negative news about Democrats in the hopes of swaying voters towards a GOP candidate.

The group will be led by Tori Sachs, the former campaign manager for US Senate Candidate John James, and served as the external affairs director of former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

She says the goal is to push back against Democratic activism across the state of Michigan.

The new group is partly in response to American Bridge, a new organization in Michigan led by Democrats whose goal is to dig up negative news about Republican candidates. The group is actively working on flipping Trump supporters in rural communities throughout Michigan.