Police reform according to Ann Abor police chief

Jun 30, 2020

Ann Arbor Police Chief Michael Cox
Credit LISA BARRY / 89.1 WEMU

With protests and conversations on many levels about police reform happening right now, Ann Arbor’s police chief Michael Cox brings a bit of a different perspective to the table. While working undercover for the Boston police department in 1995 Chief Cox who is Black was beaten by fellow white officers. An incident he said he worked hard to deal with and overcome.

Now he says some Ann Arbor police officers are coming to him extremely upset by how they are being treated by citizens in light of police brutality incidents happening around the country.

"They take an oath to serve and protect and they honestly believe that’s what they’re doing and trying to do. And they don’t understand that from time to time it feels almost like hatred."

Chief Cox says once healing begins there needs to be a conservation that involves police officers about what can be done to improve policing moving forward.