Number of homeless children under 4 in MI is over 15,000

Jun 28, 2019

Credit Unsplash

The number of homeless children under the age of 4 in Michigan has reached 15,566 according to a data report from the Michigan League for Public Policy and Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan. Sarah Ostyn, one of the authors, says the number is likely even higher   

“There is a lot of research that shows that children zero to four are the most likely to be homeless, and so this number is a very conservative estimate in that issue.” 

In Kent County, 2.3% of children zero to four are experiencing homelessness, and Ostyn says homelessness doesn’t always mean staying in a homeless shelter, or living on the streets.

“This also includes children who are living in hotels, or motels temporarily, as well as children who are what we called doubled up, and that would be a family who is living with others and its not fixed or adequate.”

The counties with the highest percentage of young children who are homeless are rural, and include Alger, Lake and Arenac counties. But 75% of all young children experiencing homelessness live in urban areas of the state.

Michelle Jokisch Polo, WGVU News.