NPR White House correspondent expects President Trump to slam foes at GR re-election campaign rally

Mar 28, 2019

Tamara Keith, NPR White House correspondent
Credit NPR

NPR White House correspondent Tamara Keith is in Grand Rapids covering President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign rally at Van Andel Arena.

Keith visited the WGVU studios where we asked her if Trump campaign rallies have a format and what she expects to hear from the president?

“There’s a routine or a rhythm that they have. This is the Trump variety show as one of President Trump’s former advisors described it to me. He is putting on a show and that means, even if there is a script, and usually there is, he is going to go off script because if he doesn’t everyone there will be disappointed and he is there to please. And in particular today, he Is coming off of this very good news that the Attorney General said that there was nothing to prosecute on obstruction of justice and that the Special Council investigation didn’t find an agreement with Russia to sway the election between the Trump campaign and Russia. This is very good news for him. He is flying high. He has been tweeting up a storm today. So, we can expect, you know, I’ve been led to expect, you know, he’s going to hit back at his critics and hit back at people he feels were wrong about this for the last two years. And this is really our first chance to see him in public responding to this news and he’s going to be in an arena full of people.”