Non-party candidate for Attorney General will be on the November ballot

Sep 7, 2018

Christopher Graveline

In the race for state Attorney General, Michigan voters will get to choose between a Democrat, a Republican…and a candidate without a party.

   The Board of State Canvassers officially put Christopher Graveline on the November ballot.

Christopher Graveline only had about half the number of signatures he needed to be on the ballot. So he sued the state – and he won. The underlying issue about the state’s requirements for independent candidates is still being fought out in court. But Graveline will be on the ticket.

   Graveline says he wants to give voters a more moderate option for the office.

“The way the Attorney General’s office throughout the United States are becoming offices, I’m going to make the argument to the Michigan people it should be a nonpartisan office.”


Graveline will run against Republican Speaker of the House Tom Leonard and Democratic civil rights attorney Dana Nessel.