New Online Dispute Resolution Tool Helps You Avoid Small Claims Court

Jun 11, 2020

New online tool helps avoid small claims court
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A new tool to resolve local disputes in West Michigan, including Kent County is now online.  It’s the MI (my) Resolve online dispute resolution tool.  It comes from the Michigan Supreme Court Office of Dispute Resolution.  Small claims can now be handled, without leaving your home:

“I’m really excited to offer this across the state.”

Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice, Bridget McCormack says their new dispute resolution tool is now active in a number of West Michigan counties, including Kent, Ionia and Newaygo among others.

“The platform allows people to settle disputes, contract, landlord tenant, neighborhood realtona and they can do it without having to go to a court. “

Chief Justice McCormack says the M-I or [my] MI-Resolve dispute resolution tool provides an efficient and accessible way of resolving disputes that you’d typically file in small claims court.

“They can do it for cases already filed, use your smart phone, with a mediator or not, yu can do without taking a day off work, find childcare and other hassles of going to a courthouse. In the middle of a pandemic its really good to have this option.”

Chief Justice McCormack says while it’s good to have this in place now, they were already planning on doing this before the pandemic. 

Through this new tool, parties can go online to negotiate directly with the other party or have a community dispute resolution center, in this case, the Dispute resolution center of West Michigan help

The service is free. And chief justice mc Cormack says right now it’s available in 44 counties but by the end of the month, it will be in all 83.

You can find the tool by navigating the Michigan supreme court website and go to MI Resolve.