Neither Wolf nor Dog: film featuring Lakota elder opens this week

Sep 27, 2018

Still featuring Dave Bald Eagle in film, Neither Wolf Nor Dog

“No Indian alive dares to think too much of the past. Our people never had a chance. The soldiers attacked us, and our homes. They killed our little boys, our little bitty girls, and rode away laughing.” 

That was the late Dave Bald Eagle, who stars as the Lakota Elder in Neither Wolf Nor Dog. Scottish filmmaker Steven Wilson, directed the film and says it depicts the relationship between the elder and the white man in a way that attempts to deconstruct the narratives of colonialism. 

“One of the things is opening the eyes of the author how everything in history has been skewed in the most corrupt manner. You know when, white people win its a victory, and when natives won it was a massacre. It’s the corrupt language of history.” 

The film is showing this week only at Celebration Cinema in the Woodland Mall. 

Michelle Jokisch Polo for WGVU News