Nassar’s Eaton County appeal denied

Sep 6, 2018

Larry Nassar

Larry Nassar’s requests to be resentenced are now in the hands of the Michigan Court of Appeals. An Eaton County judge denied the former Michigan State University sports doctor’s request.

   Nassar sexually assaulted his young female patients for years – and lately he’s been trying to get a new sentencing hearing.


   Nassar was sentenced to at least 40 years in prison in both an Ingham County Court and an Eaton County Court. An Ingham County judge had previously denied his request for a new sentence.

   And now an Eaton County judge says the case in her court was also properly decided.

   Nassar’s attorneys had tried to argue that Judge Janice Cunningham should not have allowed victims to talk about outside entities like Michigan State and USA Gymnastics during their impact statements.

   Judge Cunningham disagreed.

“The victims were properly granted the right to speak about their experiences as a whole.”

Nassar’s attorneys now plan to ask the Court of Appeals to take the case. Because Nassar pleaded guilty, the court does not HAVE to consider