Muskegon Democrats call for Commissioner Lahring's resignation over Capitol riot response

14 hours ago


Democrats in Muskegon are calling for the immediate resignation of city commissioner Zach Lahring for inciting more violence after the riot in Washington last week. Lahring is the chair of Muskegon County Republican Party as well as a city commissioner, who campaigned last year under the slogan “Make Muskegon Great Again.” Following the riot at the Capitol building in Washington last week, Lahring has continuously posted on social media websites to “stay the course, and hold the line," which Muskegon Democrats argue, is a call for continued aggression and violence, in the hopes of somehow overturning the November election.

Commissioner Lahring, who attended President Donald Trump’s rally and subsequent march to the Capitol building last week says, he condemns the violence that occurred, especially since it was imposters posing as Trump loyalists who were to blame. 

“Oh absolutely, I have first hand evidence of it,” Lahring said. “We absolutely know that it was Antifa that was there, causing the ruckus.” 

Ryan Bennett is the chair of the Muskegon County Democratic Party. Here is his response. 

“Not surprising, I mean it’s sad and pathetic, but not surprising, I mean you are talking about someone who doesn’t follow facts or anything that doesn’t fit his narrative,” Bennett said. “It is confirmation bias at its finest--its pathetic--and it is so far beneath the level of a Muskegon County Commissioner. And the fact that he can get reelected in a county like Muskegon means that Democrats like myself have a lot of work to do.”

Lahring says, he has no plans to resign from the commission, and says that neither he, nor any of the two busses full of Muskegon residents that he traveled with to Washington last week went into the Capitol building. 

Earlier this week, the FBI said there is “no indication at this time” that Antifa played a role in the mob that stormed the Capitol.