Michigan poll reveals state's biggest problem is infrastructure

Jan 10, 2018

Road construction
Credit pixabay.com

The majority of Michigan voters say fixing the state’s infrastructure is the number one problem lawmakers need to address. That is the finding in a recent poll conducted in December.

Fix MI State is a campaign organized by the Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association. It asked Lansing-based Epic-MRA to survey 600 registered Michigan voters asking what they think is the top problem facing the state?

Fixing infrastructure including roads, bridges, dams, drinking water and sewer systems topped the list with 25 percent of voters identifying it as the number one problem.

The runner-up at 16 percent is improving the quality of education followed by controlling crime and drugs at 15 percent.

When it comes to funding infrastructure fixes 60 percent say it’s inadequate.

A survey breakdown reveals overall, both men and women put fixing infrastructure at the top of their lists along with Democrats and Independents. Its number two, missing the top spot by just one percent point, for Republicans and seniors.

When the new legislature is elected November 6th, 89 percent of voters surveyed say infrastructure should be its top priority.

Patrick Center, WGVU News.