Michigan Blood Offers $10 to Target to O- Donors

Jan 14, 2016

Credit Public Domain

Michigan blood is looking for donors with blood type O negative and to bring you out, they’re offering a $10 gift card to the retail store Target.

“O negative blood is a universal blood type, which means that anybody in a trauma situation or a serious illness can take O- blood.”

That’s Carleen Crawford, Community Relations Director at Michigan Blood. She says this is a particularly challenging time of year to get blood of any kind.

“Most of our blood is collected at our mobile drives. And, when the weather is a little bit touchy and schools get cancelled, we lose that ability to connect with donors.”

If $10 and altruism aren’t enough incentive to get you out, how about bragging rights? You could say your blood is worth two bucks more per pint than Dragon’s Milk, a local brew from New Holland, or three bucks more than Blood Orange Honey from Cheboygan.

If you do feel inspired and you want to give O- or any other kind of blood:

“There are several ways to go about donating blood: you can make an appointment at our main grand rapids donor center. Or, you can go online and sign up through our website, myblood.org.”