Metro Health-University of Michigan Health new approach treating patients recovering from COVID-19

Feb 8, 2021

Metro Health - University of Michigan Health
Credit University of Michigan - Metro Health

Metro Health-University of Michigan health new approach to treating patients recovering from COVID-19 Metro Health-University of Michigan Health is encouraging patients recovering from COVID-19 to relocate where they’re most comfortable – home.

The hospital is launching what it calls “house calls for the digital age.”

Teaming up with Home Recovery Solutions, specializing in telehealth and remote patient monitoring, COVID-19 patients cleared for in-home recovery are equipped with the latest monitoring technologies.

In a new release, Metro describes it this way, “Patients are equipped with an internet-connected tablet and Bluetooth-synched peripherals: thermometer, blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, and scale. Patients take multiple readings a day and answer surveys about their wellbeing, including questions that screen for the depression commonly seen with COVID-19 cases.”

Incoming information is under the watchful eye of Metro’s medical staff.

In it’s first month, 33 patients have enrolled. Moving them home saved 300 hospital stays.