Meijer asks shoppers to not open carry guns in its stores

Sep 10, 2019

Following in the footsteps of Walmart, local retailer Meijer has asked customers to stop open carrying guns in their stores. Meijer officials say the recent string of mass shootings, including one at a Walmart in El Paso that claimed the lives of 22 people, caused the company last week to reexamine its policies on allowing firearms in its stores.

Their decision came through a tweet from a Meijer’s spokesperson Monday: 

“The safety of our customers and team members is our top priority, so we respectfully request that our customers do not open carry firearms at Meijer. We’ve made this decision because open carry can create an environment that makes our customers and team members feel unsafe.”

Reaction on twitter was undoubtedly mixed, one comment reads,

"Bravo Meijer, you are on the right side of history,” another says “I’ll stop carrying in your facility when you stop selling cigarettes. If you are truly concerned about the lives of your customers, take away the number 1 killer.”

Last week, Walmart announced they have stopped allowing open carry guns in their stores, while also pledging to stop selling firearms and ammunition. Meijer in the meantime says they have made several changes to policies regarding ammunition, which includes raising the age of purchase.