Libertarian candidates for governor to debate ahead of primary

Jul 10, 2018

Michigan history will be made on August 7th. It’ll be the first time Libertarians are on Michigan’s primary ballot.

The two Libertarian candidates for governor will hold a debate tomorrow.

The Libertarian party got so many votes during the 20-16 presidential election that now it gets to be in the primary.

Bill Gelineau and John Tatar are each vying to be their party’s choice for governor.

Jamie Lewis organized the debate. He says usually people don’t know there are Libertarian candidates until just before the general election – and then it’s too late. 


“So people would go, well I’ve already made up my mind, and now who’s this person? Now I’ve gotta look into someone else, I’ve already decided on someone.”       

Lewis says the questions will come from the public. The primary is August 7th.