By Leaps & Bounds: Why TALKing with Young Children Matters

Sep 24, 2019


All parents want to give their children a strong start in life. Children are able to learn language before they are born – talking, singing, and pointing stimulate the brain, provide clues to the meaning of words, and build important neural connections in the brain.

Anyone can talk, sing, or point while interacting with a baby or young child as they go about their day – strong connections between caregivers and children are built through eye contact and a loving tone of voice when they respond to facial expressions, coos, babbles, and eventually, words. As children get older, talking to them and answering their questions teaches them about the world, and helps us to know the fascinating person they are becoming!

Great Start

Sara Larkin, Supervisor of Special Education, Kentwood Public Schools at the Hamilton Early Childhood Center, and Jessica Turk, Parent Liaison, Great Start Parent Coalition of Kent County are here to discuss. For more information, visit:,, and

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