By Leaps & Bounds: Why High Quality Child Care is Critical in Our Communities

Nov 26, 2019

Talent 2025
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In Michigan, 83% of parents with children younger than age 6 report having difficulty finding high quality, affordable child care and more than 4 of every 10 people live in child care deserts - defined as any census tract with more than 50 children under age 5 with no or very few licensed child care providers.  Kent County mirrors many other communities with nearly 70% of children under age 6 having all parents in the workforce. 

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High quality child care supports the healthy development for young children and fuels our economy by enabling adults to participate in the workforce. How does the lack of access to high quality child care impact our entire community and what can you do to help?

First Steps Kent
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Tammy Britton, Workforce Development Project Manager for Talent 2025 and Anissa Eddie, Pritzker Early Childhood Fellow with First Steps Kent and KConnect are here to discuss. For more information, visit:,, and