By Leaps & Bounds: The Vital Work of Early Childhood During the COVID-19 Crisis

Apr 17, 2020

First Steps Kent
Credit First Steps Kent

The COVID-19 crisis brought much of Michigan to a halt at the same time organizations across Kent County were ramping up their services for families with young children. The pandemic has undoubtedly created challenges, but the vital work hasn’t stopped. An urgent priority is ensuring high-quality child care for the children of essential workers.

Another focus for First Steps Kent right now is assisting organizations that receive Ready by Five Early Childhood Millage funding so that their services are available both during the COVID-19 crisis, and into the future. First Steps Kent, as an established systems organization, was built for this type of situation. After years of working with cross-sector partners to align, convene, and help to eliminate silos in the work of early childhood, First Steps Kent has the ability to move in and help in this type of public health crisis.

With established, trusted relationships with dozens of partners focused on providing resources and services to families with very young children, First Steps Kent uses an intentional model of working together and sharing information. Annemarie Valdez, President and CEO of First Steps Kent updates us. For more information, visit