By Leaps & Bounds: Mental Health Support for Families with Young Children

Aug 10, 2020

Arbor Circle

When parents develop a secure attachment relationship with their child, it strengthens children’s self-esteem, concept and worth. Arbor Circle’s Early Childhood services team partners with parents to build their skills, help them bond with their children, and create a sense of security in their family. When a child faces mental health or other challenges, it can impact many parts of their life— from school performance to behavior at home and in the community. Arbor Circle works alongside families as they face these challenges, working to help both the child and family develop the resiliency to recover from the impact of adverse circumstances that can interfere with the ability to thrive.

A therapist or counselor can help parents and very young children navigate their new and sometimes challenging relationships, nurturing the secure attachments and social emotional development that are the foundation for a lifetime of optimal mental and behavioral health. Dr. Marguerite Morgan, Early Childhood Program Supervisor and Infant Mental Health Therapist with Arbor Circle is here to discuss. For more information, visit:  or