By Leaps & Bounds: Harnessing the Power of Parents in Early Childhood “The Kent County Way”

Jul 16, 2019

Great Start Collaborative

All parents want to give their children a strong start in life, and are interested in resources to help support their child’s early development and future success. In 2016, a group of parent and systems leaders, newly established as the Nurturing Parent Power workgroup of the Great Start Collaborative of Kent County, came together to find a way to communicate to parents of young children the most important, actionable information about how to help little ones get a strong start in life.

Success Starts Early

In 2018, under the branding of Success Starts Early and based on “The Basics”, the Success Basics were introduced as part of a suite of parent-facing information resources in Kent County, with the goal of serving as a robust, comprehensive clearinghouse for parents. Heading into its second-year efforts to cultivate parent power and weave a tighter system together, “Parent Empowerment & Mobilizing Model: the Kent County Way” is something we will all be hearing more about. Chana Edmond-Verley, Great Start Collaborative of Kent County Vice Chair and President and Chief Strategist for the Innovation and Impact Collective and Dr. Ron Ferguson, Professor and Senior Fellow at Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Director of the Achievement Gap Initiative, and Founder of “The Basics” are here to discuss. For more information, visit:,, and