By Leaps & Bounds: The 4th Trimester & Postpartum Mental Health

Feb 25, 2020

Credit MomsBloom

Nearly 20% of new moms experience a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder during pregnancy, or up to two years after having a baby. Certain risk factors create a higher likelihood for developing postpartum mental health issues, and untreated, can lead to very serious complications for moms, babies and families. The first five years of a child’s development are critical, but struggles with mental health can affect a mother’s capacity to nurture and meet her child’s needs. And unfortunately, stigma and disparities around health care create barriers to women seeking help.

What is postpartum depression and anxiety; when should someone seek help, and what barriers to access exist? What role can a support system play in mitigating risk factors and reducing stigma, and what options do women and families have locally for support and treatment?

Kerrie Van Weelden, LMSW, Clinical Social Worker and Therapist and Carrie Kolehouse, Executive Director for MomsBloom are here to discuss. For more information, visit: , , , , , or