Latest Gretchen Whitmer ad accuses Bill Schuette of ignoring Flint crisis

Sep 26, 2018

A TV ad launched by a Democratic group accuses Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette of ignoring Flint residents' complaints about their water while serving as Michigan's attorney general. The ad began airing on broadcast and cable stations Tuesday. It's authorized by Democratic candidate Gretchen Whitmer and funded by Stronger Michigan, a group backed by the Democratic Governors Association.

The ad says Schuette OK'd the "disastrous Flint water plan" and ignored 15 different complaints about the water before he began a criminal investigation. Schuette's campaign says his office never ignored complaints and referred them to the state's environmental department.

His campaign says an attorney in his office approved a document "as to form" but did not sign off on policy decisions made by Flint emergency managers or Gov. Rick Snyder's administration.