Kent ISD Superintendent announces retirement

Jul 22, 2020

Ron Caniff, Superintendent Kent Intermediate School District
Credit School News Network

Kent Intermediate School District Superintendent, Ron Caniff, has announced he’s retiring at the end of the year.

Caniff was appointed Kent Intermediate School District Superintendent in July 2015. Now, in his fifth year, during a pandemic making it perhaps the most demanding, Caniff sent a letter to the Kent ISD board announcing his retirement.

“The timing of my departure – the end of December – will allow us to get what will assuredly be a challenging start-up to the school year behind us and, hopefully, by the time I leave a sense of normal operations returns.”

Caniff made it clear his years leading the ISD has been what he calls “a true honor and highlight of my (his) career.”

Highlights include the passage of an enhancement millage benefiting the 20 districts with additional resources and assuming Grand Rapids Public Schools special education center programs across the district. Now the board must identify a replacement.

The first step is hiring a search firm and gathering input from ISD stakeholders.

Caniff’s final day is December 31st.