Kasich to Michigan students: 'We're not a socialist country'

Feb 16, 2016

Ohio Governor John Kasich, GOP Presidential Candidate


After his Allendale campaign stop, Kasich headed to East Lansing talking with Michigan State University students there.

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich explains young voters should be discriminating when it comes to evaluating candidates in the presidential race, in particular democratic candidates. Kasich said that’s because the U.S. is "not a socialist country."

It was an apparent shot from the Ohio governor at Democratic contender Bernie Sanders, who also campaigned in Michigan Monday.

Kasich told Michigan State University students that they must "understand the very nature of our economic system. ... We're not a socialist country."

Kasich has made Michigan a campaign priority, visiting more than any candidate from either party. He downplayed the risk of focusing on the state's March 8 primary at the expense of other states, saying "I've got to go where I think is the most fertile ground."