Johnson Center Promotes Grand Rapids Youth Data Resource

Apr 4, 2016

Youth Community Data Center Homepage
Credit Mariano Avila / WGVU

The Johnson Center for Philanthropy is inviting the Grand Rapids community to use a website with data from across 60 organizations affecting 21,000 k-12 youth. 

Imagine a partnership where police, public schools, and out-of-school programs all shared information to get a better picture of the real impacts their programs have on youth. Now imagine that all that data was online, organized, and free.

“The youth community data center is a web-based tool that has a dashboard showing different outcomes for youth. And in addition to that dashboard out-of-school time providers can actually log in and see their own dashboard for the youth that they’re serving.”

Amber Erickson is research manager with the Johnson Center. She says that’s what Johnson Center and the Expanded Learning Opportunities Network, or ELO, have made available online.

some of the areas they’re looking at are school and program attendance, academic achievement, and contact with the police. Here are two of the findings:

“Youth who are in out-of-school-time programs have a really low rate of arrest—less than 1%. And we also are seeing that youth who are in out-of-school-time programs appear to have higher rates of school attendance than youth who are not in out-of-school-time-programs.”

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