How a new accelerated degree program at GVSU is helping working adults go back to school

Feb 13, 2020

Credit Unsplash

Going to college can be the gateway to a new career, and higher paying opportunities, but for many adults these opportunities are often out of reach. 

“And we all know people who started college who whatever reason found themselves in a good job, or had a family, or had all kinds of interruptions and to not create something that allows people access it just doesn’t meet that whole idea of providing access to public education for everyone.” 

That’s Simone Jonaitis from the Center for Adult and Continuing Studies at Grand Valley State University. She says the accelerated bachelor’s degree program was built to help minimize barriers for adult learners. According to her colleague, Kate Vanderkolk, in under two years, a student can earn a bachelor’s degree while continuing to work and care for their family. 

“We know that a lot of adult learners are working full time, or have families, or have responsibilities that don’t always allow them to be on campus as much as they want to be or need to be to take classes that are face to face and that is why I think it helps to have more online and more classes that they can take at their own pace.” 

Students can register for courses in the accelerated bachelor’s program  beginning in March for the Fall semester.

Michelle Jokisch Polo, WGVU News.