House and Senate introduce bills to “Repeal the Steal”

Mar 7, 2019

Democratic lawmakers are trying to once again make the state’s minimum wage 12-dollars-an-hour by 20-22.

Last year there was a ballot measure to increase the minimum wage to 12 dollars an hour. The Legislature passed the measure without it going to the voters….and then quickly made major changes. So now the minimum wage won’t get to 12 dollars an hour until 20-30.

Lesia [lee-SEE’yuh] VanArsdale is a teacher’s aide in Detroit. She says when the Legislature extended how long it would take the state to get to 12-dollars an hour, it felt like a pay cut.

“Snatching back our raises. This is illegal and just plain wrong.”

The state Attorney General could weigh in on the legality of the move by the Legislature. Opponents say the current structure protects the economy.