As gubernatorial race gets ugly, latest poll has Whitmer ahead by 8 points

Oct 1, 2018

An EPIC-MRA statewide poll of likely November 2018 voters has found that if the election were held today, 45 percent of those polled would vote for Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, while 37 percent would vote for Republican Bill Schuette.

According to the poll, the eight point lead for Whitmer isn’t a guarantee of victory in November, as 11 percent of voters are undecided. In terms of likeability, when asked if they had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the candidates, 40 percent of candidates had a favorable opinion of Whitmer, while 32 percent of voters had a favorable opinion of Schuette.

The poll comes as the gubernatorial race is turning ugly. Last week, Bill Schuette accused Gretchen Whitmer of ignoring sexual abuse survivors request to prosecute disgraced sports Dr. Larry Nassar, while Whitmer counter attacked accusing Schuette of ignoring the Flint Water Crisis. Both have denied the allegations.

Commissioned by a number of news outlets including WOOD TV and the Detroit Free Press, the poll also found that 45 percent of voters feel that things are headed in the right direction in Michigan, while 41 percent feel that things have seriously gotten off on the wrong track, with 14 percent undecided.