GRPS Welcomes State Legislature's Approval Of Snow Day Forgiveness Bill

May 2, 2019

GRPS applauds legislature's snow day forgiveness
Credit GRPS

Legislation that would forgive Michigan Schools from having to make up as many as four days is headed to Governor Gretchen Whitmer for her expected signature.  This comes as good news for the Grand Rapids Public Schools District which was going to have to make up at least two days. 

“This comes as welcomed news.”

John Helmholdt is the Executive Director of Communications & External Affairs with Grand Rapids Public Schools.  He says they were going to have to make up at least two days if the state legislature didn’t make a move.

“Just to paint a picture, this was an historic day for snow days. Anyone listening, knows GR never closes. We wanted to take safety of students into play and our superintendent shut it down.”

The state senate just approved the bill today with immediate effect, which Helmholdt says is key.

“And up until just today, we were wondering if legislature would get past partisan scuffle with immediate effect, and that’s a key piece there, cause you need immediate effect otherwise it doesn’t go into effect until 90-days after signature.”

The vote came two days after Senate Democrats refused to give the measure immediate effect over a dispute involving paying hourly school workers. But today, enough Democrats joined Republicans to ensure the bill goes into effect this school year.

“They surprised us today and so now, with the Governor’s public statement that she plans on signing legislation, we’re back to our normal schedule and last day of school will be May 31st.”