GRPS graduation rates rise across the board for 8th consecutive year

Mar 3, 2020

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The Michigan Department of Education recently released the graduation rates for the 2018-2019 school year, and for the eighth consecutive year, Grand Rapids Public Schools saw an increase in district wide graduation rates. 

It’s hard to argue that the numbers aren’t impressive for Grand Rapids Public Schools; since 2012, the district’s graduation rates overall have increased by 71%, while the numbers are positive across the board. African-American students have seen roughly a 71 % graduation rate increase as well since 2012, while graduation rates for Hispanic and Latino students have increased by 91% over the past 8 years. Meanwhile, Economically Disadvantaged Students graduation rates have increased nearly 82 % since 2012, while English Language Learners have the most dramatic increase, at 130 %.

"The consistent increase in our graduation rates is a testament to the hard work and commitment of our students and staff,” interim Superintendent Ron Gorman said. “Our standards have remained high—higher than even the State of Michigan.”

Both City High Middle School and Grand Rapids Montessori High School had a 100% graduation rate in 2019, and Grand Rapids Learning Center had a +67.41% increase from last year alone, jumping from a 46.67% graduation rate in 2018 to a 78.13% graduation rate in 2019.

Recently, GRPS hired Dr. Leadriane Roby as its next superintendent. She recently told WGVU her goal for the district is to have a 100 % graduation rate in every high school in the district.