Group to appeal Court of Appeals decision on minimum wage proposal

Aug 23, 2018

A group supported by Michigan businesses wants the state Supreme Court to take a look at a ballot initiative. It would increase the state’s minimum wage.

       Yesterday a lower court said the measure has to go to the ballot.

Justin Winslow is a spokesperson for Michigan Opportunity. He’s also president of the Michigan Restaurant Association. He says restaurants would be hurt by this proposal because it also would change the state’s tip structure.

       “We’re gonna keep fighting for this industry, tooth and nail, till the very end.”

       If passed, tipped workers would get the full minimum wage by 20-24.

       Michigan Opportunity says the measure is improperly written and violates the state constitution. But two of the three judges on the Court of Appeals disagreed.

Supporters of the measure say hundreds of thousands of people have signed the proposal – and Michigan residents deserve to decide.