Grand Rapids Police Officer receives award for lifesaving rescue

May 16, 2019

Credit Courtesy Kent County Sheriff's Office

A rookie Grand Rapids Police Officer who saved the life of woman in a sinking car is being honored for her heroic efforts. According to police, a morning snow on April 15th, 2018 brought cold temperatures, gusty winds and icy roadways with it…As Officer Kelly Momber drove her car on Fruit Ridge Avenue near 5 mile road, a pedestrian waved her down to stop. Pulling over, Officer Momber saw a vehicle upside down in a creek. And it was sinking.

“I could see the driver, half way out of the car, her head was out of the water thankfully but she was still stuck,” Momber said. 

The driver’s legs were tangled in the passenger side seatbelt, and with the submerging car, it would only be a matter of time before the driver would be pulled down with it.

“I just waded out into the water and got to her and she was pretty terrified, so I reached down, we found out where the seatbelt was tangled, I was able to cut her out---I was able to lift her onto the car and we both crawled out together. I tried to calm her down, just reassure her, ‘hey’ I’m here, and we will figure this out its going to be okay.”

One year later, Officer Momber had a chance to talk to the woman whose life she had saved.

“She just thanked me, thanked me for giving her another chance," Momber said. "It was awesome.”

Officer Momber is just 22 years old, and at the time of the accident had only been on the police force for 6 months. But for her heroic efforts, the Kent County Sheriff’s Office this month presented Momber with the Life Saving Award. She remains humbled however by the experience.

“I never thought anything would come from it. I was just doing what any other officer would do.”