Governor says budget talks dragging

Jul 8, 2019


Governor Gretchen Whitmer is urging the Legislature to return to Lansing to vote on the state budget and revenue to fix the roads. GOP leaders say they won’t be pushed.

Governor Whitmer says the Legislature’s Republican leaders need to move faster to adopt a new state budget. She says local vernments and school districts are already into their budget years, which are on a different calendar than the state’s fiscal year.
                Whitmer says that means schools and local governments can’t be certain how much the state will help fund their services.

“We’re already a week into the new school year. Schools across the state are struggling to come up with their budgets, and we’re 84 days from the start of the next fiscal year.”

State House and Senate leaders say they are talking to the governor while they put together their own plans that can get enough Republican votes to pass. They say that includes money to fix roads.