Governor finishes sifting through the pile of bills left by the Legislature

Jul 5, 2018

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

Governor Rick Snyder signed almost 150 bills over the last few weeks. These were bills passed by the state Legislature before it went on its summer break.

The new laws range from getting rid of out-of-date laws to license plates. And several bills involve how to drive. Starting in September, drivers will have to give bicyclists at least three feet of space while passing.

   Tanya Baker is a spokesperson for Snyder.

“This is really important to protect bicyclists and other vulnerable roadway users.”

   The law also requires diver’s education curriculum to include at least one hour of class time on motorcycles, bicycles and other “vulnerable roadway users.” It’s not the only change to driver’s ed. Another new law requires training on what to do if you’re pulled over by police.

   The governor also signed the budget for the next fiscal year