Gov. Whitmer: no timetable on when her executive orders will end

Sep 16, 2020

Credit Associated Press

Governor Gretchen Whitmer told a business group Wednesday that she can’t predict exactly how long her emergency measures will be required to address the COVID-19 crisis. That was at roughly the same time those powers were being challenged in court. The governor has issued more than 170 COVID-19-related executive orders. Whitmer says, she agrees she’s been prolific in her use of executive orders during what she says is an unprecedented crisis.

“These are authorities that we have conferred upon our chief executive in extraordinary circumstances to keep people safe" she said.

That was from an online question-and-answer session with the Detroit Regional Chamber, where the governor also said Michigan needs to be ready for a “second wave” of COVID-19. Simultaneously, the state Supreme Court heard arguments on the issue. Republicans in the Legislature and some businesses want courts to determine that Whitmer acted beyond her authority.