Godfrey Lee Public Schools Selected For MiStem Award

Jun 11, 2021

Godfrey Lee Public Schools MiStem Award
Credit Godfrey Lee Public Schools

A big honor for a West Michigan School District.  Godfrey-Lee Public Schools was one of fifteen districts across the state of Michigan selected to participate in the continuation of what’s called the “MiSTEM 3-P learning Playbook” for the State.

“It’s incredibly exciting for us and our teachers. We’ve worked really hard over the last number of years  to put into place innovative practices.” And I thnk that and being selected to be part of playbooks, is really a celebration of what our teachers are doing everyday in our classroom., so hats off to them”

That’s Adrienne Rose, Director of Technology and Information Services with Godfrey Lee Public Schools.  The district was one of fifteen across the state of Michigan selected to participate in the continuation of the MiSTEM Place, Project and Problem (3-P) Based Learning Playbook for the State of Michigan.  Rose says their success and subsequently, their playbooks will help other districts.

“Will serve as examples, for other districts to read and see. And create partnerships for those who want to copy or modify what’s we’re doing here at Godfrey lee.  And implement that into their district.”

In return for participation in this program, the district will be awarded ten-thousand dollars for the enhancement of the current STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) programs within the district. The playbooks will be published for Michigan schools to utilize as examples of programs who exemplify outstanding implementation of 3-P Learning.

The MiSTEM award will go to support the further development of the K-12 STEAM program.  Rose says she looks forward to the opportunities for students.

“We really value our student’s voice and them sharing their experience as well.”

The MiSTEM organization is locally run through Grand Valley State University and is a longstanding partner with Godfrey-Lee.